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Sandqvist is all about sustainable products made with recycled, organic, and vegan materials, and our brand collaborations are no exception.

Sandqvist Collaborations with Like-Minded Brands

Sandqvist presents the results of exciting collaborations with brands such as Volvo and Polaroid, where unique brand features have been incorporated into our responsibly made products. The result is a collection of products that are both timeless and unexpected, and that further elevates our commitment to channelling the Scandinavian flora and fauna, as well as a lifestyle that centres around the outdoors.

Scandinavian nature has a lot to offer, and you never quite know what you are going to find. That element of surprise is what we were going for when collaborating with select brands that share our vision.

We are proud to showcase high-quality design products that have sprung from exciting collaborations with brands like Save the Bees, as this has given us the opportunity to explore other areas of sustainable work, which we have then incorporated into our products. These collaborations also highlight the importance of teamwork when striving for a sustainable society.

Collaborations and Working Together Is the Key to Change

Our collaborations, such as with Podsol, include uniquely designed items that stand out, and that are made with the same recycled materials that earned us our Fair Wear Foundation membership. Our vision combined with innovative features and ideas from our collaborating brands equals the beginning of a new era for sustainable production.

The brands we collaborate with have been selected carefully to go well with the minimalism and timeless design Sandqvist has become known for, as we wanted to offer our consumers a fresh take on Scandinavia-inspired products designed to last.

Browse between products like the Polaroid camera strap bag, the tote bag or laptop case created in collaboration with Volvo, our popular Baetis backpack, or any of the other products in this category, and know that they are all created with responsible methods, sustainable materials and with your comfort and lifestyle in mind.

We are incredibly proud to present our successful product collaborations, where the essence of Scandinavian nature meets purposeful recycling and innovative design. The products are held to an incredibly high standard and are constructed to last for many long years.

Collaborations to Bring Out the Best in All of Us

Working together with like-minded brands and businesses has contributed to the creation of some of our most exciting products.