Classic and Sustainable Shoulder Bags From Sandqvist

Over the shoulder bags are everyday companions that should match your lifestyle and personality. A black shoulder bag is the epitome of sophistication and is ever-enduring - a staple in most wardrobes. A black piece, whether it be a bag or any other accessory, will last beyond seasonal trends.

We are respectful towards our planet and sincere in our efforts to protect it. This is why all the materials we use are either organic, recycled or, when it comes to our leather, sourced locally from Scandinavia.

This is so we can trace the source of all our hides, ensuring there is always good animal management. All the tanneries we use have also been awarded either silver or gold for their quality. Our shoulder bags offer a variety of materials and colours to suit every lifestyle.

Shoulder Bags With A Clear Conscience

Looking to change things up? Switch it up with a Sandqvist shoulder strap, made from Scandinavian leather that is full-grain. This means we use the entire hide, certifying that only the highest quality may be used. Natural imperfections on the leather make your bag unique.

There are a variety of bright and bold colours to choose from, creating a beautiful aesthetic, whilst still maintaining form and function. When buying a bag strap, make certain it is compatible with your bag. It's all in the details.

Much thought goes into our carefully crafted bags, always keeping our Nordic heritage in mind. Every bag must speak to a classic look with a contemporary edge, and our side bag is no different. For cool and casual, it can be worn across the body - day or night. Comfort is key when we create our bags.

Our shoulder bags are unisex and available in organic cotton or recycled polyester, they can be purchased for the entire family with no guilt.


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