Durable And Responsibly Made Tote Bags

Our tote bags are available in different shapes, sizes and materials. Effortlessly chic and stylish. You can choose whatever bag suits your lifestyle best. Our inspiration is our very own backyard - the Nordic landscapes. We also have a variety of canvas tote bags in colour palettes to suit most discerning individuals.

Our tote bags create a contemporary look by being structured, featuring a design created to give the wearer more space. This means easily accessible pockets and a laptop compartment, as well as straps that can be adjusted.

Carry all your essentials in effortless luxury with the Sandqvist leather tote bag. All our leather is sourced from Scandinavia, and because we use full-grain leather, it needs to be of the best quality. Full-grain means we incorporate the entire hide, and only allow for natural imperfections to show. This also means our leather is completely sustainable.

Tote Bags And Beyond

Tote bags are generally known to be open on the top, making it easy to store all your shopping. But our one-of-a-kind collections features a tote bag with zipper, so you never have to worry about important items falling out. There is a tote to suit everyone.

Drawing from our Nordic nature, all our bags are designed to be spacious and functional, but always aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Minimalism does not mean we have skimped on look and feel, as well as comfort and class.

Our tote handbags carry our signature labelling and unique buckle design on the outside, and the inside has zipped compartments for easy access to items like your mobile phone or charging cable. No one will miss the understated style on your shoulder.

Like the rest of our collection, our tote bags are made from traceable hide (to ensure good animal management), and recyclable polyester and nylon. Look out for our Fusion and Urban Outdoor series, which contain totes that can be used as a backpack too.


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